CO2 Applications

  • Carbon dioxide enriches the flavor and conveys freshness in carbonated drinks. We deliver the best grade CO2 that meets stringent requirements to many major bottlers across the United States.
  • Carbon dioxide used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) enhances the appearance of packaged products. Using CO2 in cryogenic freezing increase shelf life, minimizes dehydration, and improves product quality and appearance.
  • Carbon dioxide reduces the pH of water to meet local discharge standards and treat water for downstream use. Companies and municipalities use CO2 as a safer, less corrosive alternative to acids.
  • Carbon dioxide smothers fires without damaging or contaminating materials. It is used for fighting fires when water or other methods are ineffective or undesirable.
  • Reliant gases provides a special grade of CO2 (USP) to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. CO2 has a variety of uses, from an insufflation gas to controlling the reaction temperatures at pharmaceutical plants.
  • Carbon dioxide is used to increase the growth rate of plants and to maximize harvest and yield. It is also be used to control the pH of the irrigation water at greenhouses.
  • Carbon dioxide closed loop systems are used to replace ammonia systems at cold storage facilities, grocery stores and even at some food processing plants.
  • Carbon dioxide is one of the gases that is commonly used as a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination and to reduce splatter in the welding process.